Robotest International

Civil Engineering Instrument

CHUM - Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor (Tomography Support)

CHUM supports Cross Hole Sonic Logging (CSL) as well as Single Hole Ultrasonic Testing (SHUT, SSL) and two- and three-dimensional Tomogr


PET-Pile Echo Tester

The PET (Pile Echo Tester) uses the Pulse-Echo method (PEM) for quick pile integrity test (quality control) of a large number of piles.


PSI-Parallel Seismic Instrument

Parallel Seismic Instrument (PSI) uses the well-known Parallel Seismic method to establish the depth of existing foundations (specifical


BIT-Borehole Inclination Tester

Borehole Inclination Tester (BIT) measures the verticality of a borehole AND of existing piles