Robotest International

Export Control

RoboTest policy is to export all products as per the guidelines set by the US and Canadian region export control regulations and laws. RoboTest will not provide any products or services if it is suspected that the products or services is to be used for purposes prohibited by US and Canadian region legislation and will only do business in full compliance with all Canadian and United States applicable laws and regulations.

Customers and Distributors acknowledge that the export of products and services herein must be subject to the export control regulations of the United States and Canada, as amended and agree as a condition and issuance of any subsequent order or contract hereto, that the products and services will not be used for purposes associated with any nuclear weapons, biological, chemical or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, or in support of any terrorist activity end use. Nor, will they be re-sold or transferred if it is known or suspected that they are intended for such purposes. This agreement is subject to acceptance that export of Products and Technology hereunder is contingent upon the export controls of the United States and Canada.

All our officers and employees shall actively cooperate to the export management policy of strategic materials of the government and shall place the best effort not to violate the External Trade Act in illegal export of strategic materials and etc.